Friday, September 11, 2009

Artists taking the lead

Michael Pinchbeck
Sit with us for a moment and remember.

I am delighted to be working once again along side Michael on a large scale proposal across the East Midlands.

Sit with us for a moment and remember. A large-scale public art proposal involving 2012 park benches sited in different villages, towns and cities across the East Midlands. Each bench bears a plaque engraved with the words: Sit with us for a moment and remember. For one year, the public are invited to sit on the 2012 benches at exactly the same time - 12 O’clock midday for 20 minutes. Shortlisted for Artists taking the lead and supported by Arts Council England.

A-N Magazine

Sep issue

'The House of Bling'

'House of Bling' at Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire (8-23 August) a ground breaking partnership between Arts Council England and the National Trust.
Curated by Jane Greenfield and Sue Crabtree

Linda Floence,
Sarah Price
Geraldine Pilgrim
Catherine Bertola

As part of 'The House of Bling' exhibition at Tattershall Castle i was asked to photograph the artists for the brochure and to document their work in progress.

Over the course of 8 days, I also produced an aerial time lapse video documenting Linda Florence's grass cut pattern, Reinstated Carpet, which was shown as part of an exhibition of documentation and archive material.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


photography by Julian Hughes

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lisa Piechowicz


Loughborough University

The House of Bling


Catherine Bertola
Geraldine Pilgrim
Sarah Price
Linda Florence

Photography by Julian Hughes

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Micheal Pinchbeck
The Long and Winding Road

Thank you for joining me on The Long and Winding Road. This is my car. This is my car history. On 17 May 2004 I embarked on a journey in a graffiti covered car from Nottingham to Liverpool. The car was packed with 365 mementoes wrapped in brown paper and string, tagged and logged. The journey lasts until 17 May 2009 when I will drive the car into the River Mersey. The journey started with a letter to my brother. The letter became a parcel. The parcel became a suitcase. The suitcase became a car. This is my car. This is my car history. This is the end of the road.
Micheal Pinchbeck

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


6 - 31 MAY


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Institute of the Practice and the Art of Dissent

In 2008, Pinchbeck was invited with artist Julian Hughes to undertake a residency at the Institute of the Practice and the Art of Dissent at Home in Liverpool. Blindfolded, they climbed the stairs of the institute in Everton to the equivalent height of Mount Everest. The durational performance installation was commissioned in response to the end of the Capital of Culture.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Annette Foster
Drag It Up Party
My Name is Sue, How Do You Do?

Arnolfini Associate Artist, Tom Marshman and Annette Foster host three days of workshops, performances, interventions and parties that play with identity, gender and costumery. Whilst Marshman unravels manly codes of etiquette, as he dolls himself up in iconic uniforms, Foster becomes a fluid gender illusionist, adopting different personas which question our cultural ideologies of sexuality and gender construction.
Linda Florence
Light Night 2009

Linda Florence has installed a new intimate collection of suspended, retro standard and table lamps in the Mezzanine Bar of The Broadway Cinema and Media Centre in Nottingham. The lights are part of Light Night Nottingham and will be installed until the 2 March. The traditional shaped lamps have been gathered from Deptford market in south London near to Florence’s studio and redesigned with ornate hand printed wallpapers and dyed braiding and tassels creating lush clusters of light.

Mezzanine Bar and Lounge, The Broadway Cinema, Broad Street, Nottingham.

Funded by Arts Council East Midlands and Produced by Sue Crabtree and Jane Greenfield.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Parfyme - Backpack Factory

Parfyme (perfume) a four person art collective spread across Copenhagen, Bergen and New York is undertaking a 2 week residency at Loughborough University, 9 - 13 February 2009.
Exploring issues around the ‘mobility of man power’ and equipped with a rucksack of apparatus, Parfyme will create a moving, touring factory which will collect rubbish and materials, create conversation between you and the artists, adjust to rules, overcome distrust and pass on information. Reminiscent of the old type of travelling salesman, carrying his product for the world to see, Parfyme’s project will take the ‘backpack’ as its starting point.

For more images visit://
Item Store - Yvonne Droge Wendel

For Group Process, Yvonne Droge Wendel has created ‘Item Store’, a custom built unit that will present a variety of attractive objects.

The objects intend to be ‘something’ and ‘nothing’ at the same time. Their shape, colour and texture are almost identical and they reveal little about their function. Labels are attached to each item. The labels reveal the identity of the objects, providing a variety of possible interpretations, through a range of manuals, stories, images, histories or colour charts. The labels are exchangeable and arbitrarily attributed. New labels open new directions. The objects can be seen therefore as fashion items, toys, tools, instruments collector’s items, art objects or interior decoration items. All items are ready to be given a name, a context or a purpose with the input of the observer.

Yvonne Dröge Wendel is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. A central theme within her work is her personal obsession with collecting, making and restoring ‘things’. What is the most enriching experience between object and human subject? How do people and ‘things’ relate?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Créée en 1988, Reckless Sleepers tire son nom d'une oeuvre du peintre surréaliste belge René Magritte. La compagnie, ou encore le Projet, est née de la conjonction d'idées, de préoccupations, d'incidents, d'accidents et d'opportunités.

Basée à Nottingham (Royaume-Uni) et à Gand (Belgique), Reckless Sleepers se dédie à la création de pièces de théâtre originales, à l'élaboration de projets et à la réalisation d’interventions dans des centres dramatiques, des galeries, des musées et divers lieux culturels conviant et défiant des publics variés.

Mole Wetherell, directeur artistique, est la force créatrice de Reckless Sleeper. Artiste visuel et créateur de performances, Mole a travaillé pour des galeries et des musées, réalisé des installations sonores et des événements de danse.

Quaternaire représente Reckless Sleepers dans le monde, sauf en Grande Bretagne.