Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emily Beckmann

Love-Back was a project by conceptual artist Emily Beckmann,an umbrella title for several inter-related continuous projects that, although different in their approach and presentation, are based on similar principles.

The initial version of love-back began with a series of hand-made fabric shopping bags (the title "Love-Back" having deliberate similarities to the term "cash-back"). The shopping bags are assembled from the artist's personal collection of reclaimed handles, labels and vintage fabrics. Each bag is embellished with a hand-written love-percentage (a game popular with love-sick teenagers). In this case the love-percentages relate to the owner of the bag and the amount of love they allegedly feel for their supermarket.

In the case of the street-art performances, ("Love-Back UK") the calculations of love-percentages are directed toward places. Towns and Cities are methodically labelled or tagged with the name, Emily Beckmann.

Love-Back UK takes an inquisitive approach to feelings of national and regional pride. It focuses on interpretations of regional boundaries, (in both geographical and cultural terms). These notions highlight how a sense of place, or belonging, can affect our individual, and sometimes combined, senses of identity.

The project also draws on notions of heritage, and shared rights to public spaces. It would be fair to say that there is an element of tagging to this work. The term, "tagging", mainly used by graffiti artists, describes the practise of reclaiming areas of space.

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