Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Efrosini Protopapa - Rules of Engagement

The piece draws from our experiences of cinema and our understanding of films in terms of narrative, representation and role-playing. After devising top-5 lists of our favourite or most memorable scenes from films, we re-enact these to tell personal stories and to re-invent them in performance.

Lapsus Corpi: A four-week residency at Dance4
Concept / Choreography: Efrosini Protopapa in collaboration with the performers.
Performers: Pano Masti, Susanne Mayer, Hester Montgomery-Campbell, Jarkko Partanen, Giorgos Pispinis, Elena Prapidi, Susanna Recchia.


Creative responces to a work in progress by Efrosini Protopapa at Dance4 Nottingham.
Images by julian Hughes / text by MichaelPinchbeck

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